Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How To Be Happy With Or Without Women

We are able to achieve much with our intelligence and ambition, without any dependence on others for fulfillment. This is especially true for men who can isolate themselves for periods of time in order to focus on their goals, before releasing their creations into the community and gaining recognition. Our social value, in this regard, is core to us doing our own thing. So there is no need to establish social pecking order for the sake of social pecking order. Women are more inclined towards that sort of thing. They will compete with other women to fit into a world, which for the most part, is created by men.

You're going backwards by trying to have women in your life to complete your existence. There is nothing wrong that needs fixing. You just need to reframe the situation and be happy regardless. Don't let the "it's an instinctive drive" rationale justify you giving yourself over to feelings of neediness and loneliness. You can overcome it. The choice is there, and it's DEFINITELY within your control.

Find something you are good at and something you can really get into and focus on that. It could be anything, like learning a new instrument, a sport, a new language, or building something in your workshop. The point is, get busy.

And when you go out, talk to people and share those things you've been doing. You'll have a certain energy and enthusiasm which will be contagious. You'll notice a difference from back in the day when you used to hesitate before approaching; wondering what to say, relying on "warm-ups" to get you going. You're already warmed up just from doing what you've been doing. Fear and nervousness take a back seat, as meeting new people becomes a by-product of the interesting things you have to share.

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