Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Introduction To Dating And The Seduction Community

A few years ago I started down the road of learning to pick up women. I had realized it was finally time to deal with this part of my life called "women". I was addressing my neediness you might say. I had subscribed to newsletters, listened to NLP, joined seduction forums, and met like-minded “wingmen”. I was becoming a pick-up artist. I was meeting women, going on dates, getting laid. This went on for a few years. But the problem was, even though I had experienced success the neediness didn't go away.

I was needy for more success. I was needy for greater success. And I was needy to keep the success going, since everything in my life had been about constant improvement. Academics and my strong desire to achieve was the precedent I was trying to follow. And it was a bad path to be on.

It had dawned on me that the road to becoming a pickup artist is not the same as the road to becoming a man. Being a pickup artist means that you define success and failure by how women respond. If you didn't get her it means you have to go back and retool, because you weren't good enough.

It was very ironic that, even though my skills had gotten better I was still working my ass off to get laid. I would make a post on it on the seduction forum, and I would just get an echo of the usual advice: more push/pull, more qualifying, more busting, etc. I had always done these things to various degrees but with inconsistent results. So I knew something was wrong. I knew I had to rethink everything and make a new foundation for myself.

And that’s how it started. I was fortunate enough to have an inkling of what was wrong, as I was finding myself gravitating towards certain non-seduction advice contrary to the mainstream, advice such as, be-yourself, and stop using routines. Nothing complicated by any means, but something, which now had my attention.

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