Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stop Unnatural Conversations With Women

I'm going to be blunt. Get rid of all routines and canned stories.

If you need to rehearse a story, a move, a Kino technique, a phone call, a kiss technique, a dance maneuver, or whatever, then you are on the wrong path. You are admitting that you are naturally not good enough and that getting women requires special skills.

A DANGEROUS truth is that some men who do engage in these behavioral gymnastics do go on dates, meet women, get laid etc. This is a dangerous, dangerous truth because it confuses "in spite of" with "because of". I can eat a bad diet and still do ok in sports but that does not mean that THAT diet is the way to go. There IS a better way.

"So what did you do this weekend?"

"What do you think of place X?"

But this is the boring usual stuff all guys talk with women about. Yep, and there's more:

"What places do you like to go to?"

"What do you do for fun?"

If you feel like you have to do anything more than this than you are putting her on a pedestal. And if she expects more from you then she is putting herself above you and disrespecting you. Either way you lose. So wouldn't you rather lose by being yourself rather than by wasting energy trying something else?

When average guys are speaking their "boring usual stuff" they are usually coming from a needy place. A guy, who rehearses the better material, and better stories, is coming from that SAME needy place because he IS depending on those things.

The most effort you should put into meeting women is no more than the prep work you do when going out on the town (such as getting dressed up, grooming, being well rested, getting in a social mood, etc.). That is universal effort and comes with being part of society.


Matt T. said...

Some seduction literature I've read suggested replacing the boring questions like "What do you do" with mini-cold reads like "You must be a doctor/lawyer/hobo", then following that up with a joke or a neg or whatever. I can't comment much on the efficacy of the technique, but I can say that when someone makes a mini-cold read of me, it makes me more interested in the conversation than them asking "what's your major".

I don't think that "just be yourself" is a good way to go, simply because we're not all born as superstar seductionists. But "be your BEST self is probably better advice.

The Skeptic said...

you dont need to go out of the way to attract women...attraction is effortless and natural. You dont have to bring anything else to the table other than your looks and presence.