Monday, November 26, 2007

Status And Older Women

I happen to have a preference for older women. Not old. Just older. I realize this goes against many men's belief that younger is better but my preference is well rooted.

It's the media and our programming as males that bias our view towards the younger women, giving them great status. There's this and the ego of men who confuse "harder to get" with "better".

Many men see women above a certain age as having little or no sexual status (or value) in society, therefore men shouldn't be sexually attracted to them. I personally find this ridiculous since I have found some women in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s to be very physically attractive. Attraction isn't a choice, right?

In fact, my best experiences were with older women. The intelligent, high self-esteem, takes good care of herself, variety. It's a combination of all around physical and mental maturity that makes them the better pick over their younger sisters. You know those younger girls I'm talking about; those expressionless, all done up, Barbie doll types. They don't have much to say, often times - a bit scarce in the social skills department.

For many men, their egos (and Maxim) tell them that the young ones are the ones to go for, but let's look at some logic here. They are usually less experienced, more whimsical. Their bodies are not as matured. In fact, their bodies are only HINTING at the shape they'll eventually have - that body shape of a women who is sexually peaked, who is in her thirties (sometimes forties), and knows what she wants and likes.

Also, from an evolutionary perspective, women 30+ have less reproductive time left so it makes sense for their bodies to ramp-up the attractiveness to attract mates. And naturally, their interest in sex goes up, and so does their tendency to initiate sex. And this, combined with more maturity and fun personality, defines true sexiness in my book.


Anonymous said...

Research in chimpanzees show the same thing

Some human graphs and charts that prove your point

I also think that if your are looking for somebody to sleep with, most women of all kinds of ages would be ok. Things become complicated if you are looking for more than casual sex.


John said...

I read the first one before, but not the second one, which looks interesting. I will say that their trends might indicate male-female preferences but do not and can not show who ends up with who. I'm sure there's a big gap between the two, especially for the men.

I always found the best women to sleep with to be in their 30s and 40s. I guess I'm an anomaly but there's a certain attractiveness which women in this age range have which is missing in the 20-somethings. Part of that is the knowledge that they are likely to be more appreciative in bed and not act like they're all hot and therefore don't have to do anything except just lay there.

I would also rather be with an in-shape fit 40-something woman than an out of shape 20-something. Youth is not enough by itself, at least for some men like myself.

Just wondering, what part of the States do you live in? I'm in the Toronto area.

Anonymous said...

I live in the South.