Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't Be Afraid Of Using Logic

Figuring out what women want and then trying to be that man is a losing strategy. It trains women to be hedonistic, and you become a slave to their emotions. It's true that men and women are generally different but as a man why should you adjust your natural behavior just to accomodate a woman's behavior. Extending courtesy and respect is fine but why do things that are unnatural for you?

If a woman's respect for you is based on how attracted she is then we have a problem. Unfortunately, with the way many men act that often ends up being the case. Many women are expecting chemistry and sparks and will settle for nothing else. Men have trained them to act that way. Fortunately, by applying a bit of logic you can start setting things right. To see the kind of logic I'm talking about read this post: Moving Beyond Seduction And "Picking Up" Women.

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