Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Is Not A Fad

There is growing talk of the new direction the community is taking towards self-improvement and away from pick-up techniques. I believe this is a good thing as it means that there is growing emphasis on evolving as a person. But I want to address the naysayers who feel that this is a cop-out excuse to sell more products with less effort. This may be true in some cases where the main motives are to make money (and if people are helped for the better then that's a bonus). But I can tell you that it isn't just a fad at work. Some men are actually evolving and are sharing their knowledge. You can call that a trend or a fad, or whatever. I prefer to call it reality.

But I also realize that it may just be a matter of time before the trend once more shifts back to more technique-oriented thinking. By that time self-improvement will have become "tiresome" and men will once more demand the techniques that are guaranteed to get you laid.

But you know what, it's actually fairly straightforward to get laid if you are dead set on making it happen. Want to know the guaranteed techniques? Here they are:

Approach tons of women everywhere. Clubs, bars, daytime venues, etc. Set aside enough time, I would say at least 10 hours a week, to do so. Get numbers, emails, and go for same day or same night sex whenever you can. Be bold. Be aggressive. Learn the smooth player lines. Be like the salesman that just won't quit. After several weeks or months you'll start seeing results. Keep at it and you'll eventually start getting laid fairly regularly. But make sure you don't stop because things will quickly "dry up" for you. This is a tried and true method. You don't have to worry about the details of what to say or do exactly, because over time, and with the law of averages on your side, the details won't really matter as various pickup methods will basically yield the same results. So if you're okay with putting in that kind of time and effort, and are okay with the potential grief involved, then go for it. You will eventually get laid. It's a statistical truth. The other guaranteed way is of course to pay a prostitute. But either way you pay.

But I don't promote this stuff. I've moved past this nonsense of chasing after women and spending so much time and energy doing so. I've seen what it does to me and what it does to others. And it's just not worth it. You might say it brought me face-to-face with some inescapable truths. Yeah I resisted it but eventually, with enough Pain + Disappointment + Failure, my eyes opened. The solution was right in front of me: I would have to find deeper meaning inside myself and make all these other things like money, work, and sex a secondary result of me living my life genuinely.

Let the marketing drive the masses and vice-versa. When the next trend comes along wanting to do away with these so-called new-age platitudes, you can bet that those who have truly evolved will stay the course and won't be swayed.


Ramon Thomas said...

Would you agree that David DeAngelo (aka Eben Pagan) introduced self-help in a big way to the seduction community? The amount of books he recommends in his seminars/programs are all self-help classic although some may be more on the fringe or esoteric in nature.

Superman said...

Do you have any other work available.

Vittorio said...

Just my other blog.