Saturday, January 3, 2009

What If She Resists You?

If a woman resists your physical advances it's best to move on. It's generally a waste of time to try to go further. Like I said in my last post, women are equal to men when it comes to sex and dating. So when she makes it hard for you that's your cue to move on to something else.

Persisting generally doesn't work and those rare times when it does it usually results in lackluster sex. The same goes for LMR (Last Minute Resistance) tactics where you try to manipulate her into sex using withdrawal and "freeze outs". You may end up getting her but her heart won't be in it and the sex will be very mediocre. And the next time around (assuming there is a next time), her defenses will probably be up even more.

Trying to overcome a woman's resistance is pretty much a waste of time. She might be attracted but she has decided that sex isn't going to happen, at least on the timetable you want.

Not a big deal. She might have issues with having sex on the "first date". So at the first sign of real resistance pull your pants up and leave, or ask her to leave because you have some things to do (if she's at your place). And then leave it up to her to contact you if she's willing to have sex the next time (if it's so important for her to do things that way).

You don't waste time trying to convince people that have already decided what they want to do. If they come around later fine, but in the interest of good time management it's better to part ways and let the future run its course.

For example, let's say you are making out and you reach for a condom, and she says: "We're not doing that!" Okay fine. You figure there's maybe a bit of token resistance there. So you continue. But again she says: "We're not having sex!"

At this point you just say "fine", get dressed, tell her it was nice meeting her, and then part ways. That's it.

And if you're generous with your time you may just decide to lie back for 15-20 minutes and give her the chance to take the initiative, if that's what she likes to do. But once that time has passed and nothing happens, you tell her it was great, but now you have to get going. Or if she's at your place you politely ask her to leave because you have things to do.

As well as being effective time management this is a great way for you to overcome neediness where women are concerned. Having the willpower to cut short the get together when things aren't going well is powerful behaviour. It's confident behaviour.

Getting out of the needy mindset means setting boundaries for yourself. There is no downside to this. You stick to your guns and you also treat her as an equal. You will feel good about this, and as a further benefit you're helping her to correct any bad beliefs she may have about men willing to do anything to get laid.

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james said...

"You will feel good about this, and as a further benefit you're helping her to correct any bad beliefs she may have about men willing to do anything to get laid."
This is so very true! I wish this was the kind of advice the seduction community was giving men.