Monday, August 1, 2011

What If PUA Methods Were Taught To Women Instead Of Men?

This was an interesting thought exercise for me. I imagined a reverse situation where PUA ideology is applied to women instead of men, so that women were the ones who had to learn "game" in order to get with men, regardless of how men act. Read this and think about the reasonableness of it and if any of it seems ridiculous just know that the only difference between this and what PUAs teach is that here I am applying the PUA methodology towards the goal of women learning how to get with men (instead of men learning how to get with women). This will help expose the underhanded and fear-mongering tactics PUAs use on men, and will also make it even more clear why PUA methods are so biased in the favor of women and how they try to make men accountable for women's behaviour.

Here are examples of how PUA methodology would apply to women:

• Women need to learn how to attract men or their genes will be mercilessly weeded out of existence. The window for women to attract a quality man is short since (relatively speaking) she has much fewer reproductive years than a man, so she needs to act quickly while she's young and learn how to get a man before it's too late.

• Women must always look and act their best because men are constantly on the lookout for someone better and hotter.

• Men shit test women all the time to make sure that they are "worthy" females. For example, a man needs to know that you are interested in being hot for him. So if he says you look fine in those pants, it's probably a shit test which means you should seriously think about exercising more. And if a man says that it's okay if you don't wear heels because it hurts your feet, it's a shit test and he actually wants you to wear them, otherwise he will start checking out some other girl who does wear heels and who doesn't complain about her feet hurting. No pain no gain, and keeping a man is no different.

• Women must constantly strike a balance between being flirty, girly and witty (not boring) but at the same time not appear too smart because that can intimidate the man.

• Men are justified in being picky because they have much more reproductive time than women, and they can afford to wait. That's just the way it is and women have to deal with it since there's no point in arguing with biology.

• If a man just wants you for sex then it is essentially your fault for not making him want to be with you for reasons beyond sex. You must learn to be funny, and entertaining because if you aren't then he will just move on to the next woman who is funny and entertaining and who also gives him sex.

• Men are very good at figuring out if a woman doesn't measure up. It's necessary for men to have this ability since they can't possibly have kids with every woman who wants them, since it would be a costly mistake in today's hard economic times. Also, men are naturally very perceptive because they carry the "hunter" gene.

• If a man ignores you he is probably picking up on a vibe that you are inadequate in some way. Or maybe you are wearing too much makeup and it intimidates him. Every man is different and you need to learn to read the signs so that you can calibrate how much makeup to apply (and remove if necessary) so that you get the guy you want.

• Men will have sex with you right away as a way to determine your mate potential. You have to do it in such a way that they like you and respect you, but also don't see you as a slut afterwards. But at the same time if you don't have sex right away then he might think of you as a prude. The key is to calibrate and know exactly how much to give and hold back. One way is to give him "hoops" to jump through and qualify him so he thinks that you are not that easy and have standards before jumping into bed with someone. Also, a man could say that he wants to have sex with you to see if you take the bait and are therefore slutty. If you say yes you will fail the shit test.

• A man will always cheat with the hottest female. Men are horny creatures so just accept it. And besides, you don't really deserve a man's loyalty if you aren't hot enough. So if he cheats on you it means you screwed something up.

• If a man appears shy it's because you aren't attractive or interesting enough to make him want to open up.

• If a man flakes on you it's because you didn't do enough to attract him. Or maybe he was attracted but you came across as too easy.

• If a man gets bored with you it's because you didn't do enough to stimulate him sexually and mentally.

• You have to learn tactics to disarm competing females since a man will also judge you based on how well you can handle the competition.

• Every man can be landed using the right seduction method.

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Dirt Man said...

Good stuff, I'm glad you started posting on here again.

Anonymous said...

what a load of crap. I think the men you are talking about are men who have problems in getting women in the firt place. Most normal guys are not that needy for women nor are they even half as shallow as you imagine. Perhaps you should meet more men?

John said...

^^^ You missed the point of my post.

sfsdfsdf said...


i thought about similar thing before, you forgot the most important and it bests shows the absurdidty of game by using reverse-female-game:

-man dont go after looks. you can land any man if you learn the proper game

Anonymous said...

You are funny as hell! LOVE THIS! Actually a lot of the stuff you wrote here saturates literature for women.:) It's just not called "the game". It is something that is integrated in the culture throughout. It's hard to believe the same stuff is happening to men now.


John said...

PUA takes this to a whole new level, making it technical as well. Much like the literature for women, it only sounds good until you try to apply it, which usually results in failure.

Anonymous said...

John my man, you are a genius! LOVE reading your posts.

Super Surgilator said...

That last one is absolutely, beyond
the slightest possibility of doubt, true.

At least for me anyways, depending on what she looks like.

Anonymous said...

Great job. Reading it as a man makes me feel like a superior creature woman should compete for and I felt like I am put on a pedestal. I am the perfect king of the world now and all women should ignore my bitch attitudes and keep it up. Otherwise, they are bad.

That's basically how PUA makes men percieve women. Totally opposite the effect of what they say they want to accomplish.

Sisto said...

Just great. And just like defusing a grenade with spare parts from a dismantled bomb. :)

Btw, if Mister Anon from November 2011 is still here, a note for him - look up! See that? No? That's right - it went over your head.

Anonymous said...

believe it or not... there are a few underground feminism offshoot websites and blogs that teach women to game men. I can say I was a victim of such a girl (who drew my attention to these laughable blogs). I knew she was a gamer from the get go. I often called her on her BS and most of the time she complied. We established a good friendship based on our own experience with one another. When she complied.. our visits and outings went extremely well. However her friends kept pressuring her to game more men. and ultimately it led to me cutting her off. a result which she got messed up on drugs and lost her purse an wallet. Now if she hadn't listened to her friends maybe she would still be in my life. I don't blame myself for screwing up. She is the one that screwed up and paid the price by losing the friendship. That's the thing... to guys and girls. If a good relationship is already established, go by what establishes the relationship and throw out the useless game...

Vallin Sfas said...

And what do you think Ellen Fein's 'The Rules' is actually saying?!

John said...

'The Rules' book is the polar opposite of PUA methods. It promotes hyper-INACTION on the part of the woman. Avoiding calls, playing hard to get, giving little in return, and allowing the man to do almost everything, because, supposedly, that's what he wants to do anyway.

It's a toxic read and I got through about half of it before shelving it for good.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this sort of advice is dished out to women all of the time.

I would say it's a dire shame that men and women are put into opposing positions when they seem to want the same things...