Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Points

• We are all descended from twice as many women as men. There's a statistic measured from genetic data that 80% of women historically passed on their genes, but only 40% of men did. This means that we are descended from the most "fit" men, and men walking around today are themselves descended from the most alpha men. So it's ridiculous when PUAs say how inept the vast majority of men are when it comes to meeting women, since modern men can only be descended from the most sexually successful men of the past. This is a very under appreciated and unacknowledged fact about men. So it is absurd when PUAs say that the average man supposedly has so much to learn when it comes to meeting women, and that acting "normal" just doesn't cut it with the modern woman. This is in direct odds with the fact that the male ancestors of the average man did just fine acting "normal". The truth is that women, especially attractive western women, have become more narcissistic and demanding than their historical birthright would dictate, so to these women it only seems that very few men are good enough for them, when in fact their ancestral genetic record indicates otherwise. Hence, raising the bar on what men should deliver in order to please the modern woman is completely artificial, let alone ridiculous.

• One argument PUA proponents use for their methods is that acting normal and being themselves doesn't work, so it only makes sense to learn strategies and tricks to get women. But this panders to the spoiled world view of (modern western) women, and furthermore it doesn't even work except in very few random instances, which is a far cry from anything consistent. And it does more harm than good anyway since it communicates to women that they aren't doing anything wrong, just like bailing out wall street doesn't do anything to get them to change their ways, so they continue on with business as usual which is damaging in the long run. The truth is that only a male revolution can change things, the same way that a tyranny can only be overthrown by people banding together. A few rebellious individuals operating here and there cannot effect change.

• Consistent lack of success with PUA methods is an indicator that they do not work. If you put in the effort, and follow the script and you get poor results, then you must conclude that the methods don't work. Now for example, someone might say that your criticisms of Mystery Method (or whatever method) shouldn't be taken seriously because of your low success rate, but at the same time you cannot reach a high success rate using Mystery Method because the method itself doesn't work, or only works marginally. The same goes for other PUA methods.

• PUA thinking takes the position that the customer is always right, where the customer in this case is women you are attracted to. With this mindset it's easier to simply go after what you want and do whatever it takes. Except that it takes two to tango and the fact that women themselves (especially western women) are hardly proactive at all in getting men, when there's no reason not to be, means that the dynamics are heavily biased in their favor. To gamers (and some highly ambitious types), if you want something from someone then they are always right, and the only thing that matters is figuring out what it takes to get it from them, and if you don't do this then you will go without. It's a mindset taught as truth without actually being the truth because acting as if it's true will make you as proactive as possible towards achieving your goal.

• Men have an ingrained deep need to do something proactive where women (or any other object of their desire) are concerned. And pursuing, being active, hard selling yourself, using PUA methods, etc. is a way to do something in a powerful way. That's a big part of the appeal.

• Guys learning game embody the idea of not bowing to women only in the context of doing whatever it takes to get them. It's comforting to them to feel like they are not bowing to women while also being as proactive/productive as possible in getting women. It fills two emotional needs at once even though they contradict each other.

• From my own experience, a woman who doesn't open up quickly is a lost cause. Yes it's possible to get some kind of positive response from her using wit and funny banter (such as by using PUA material), but unless she decides from the get-go that she wants to know you better you are wasting your time and you will get no where with her. Another point to make is that it is 10x easier for someone to make themselves approachable than it is for you to approach someone who is unapproachable. As a result, the burden should be on women to make themselves approachable rather than men having to overcome their resistance to being approached. So it makes no sense to approach a woman who avoids eye contact and has a fuck-off vibe.


AlekNovy said...

As ussual, spot on to the letter. I have nothing to add at all.

Robert said...

I'm a new reader. I like your blog. (and ebook)

Jan said...

I just came across of your blog a couple of minutes ago,here are more miscellaneous things that you can include:

Miscellaneous 1: PUAS claim that women are naturally more social than men. FALSE
From my 630 facebook friends I discover that my male friends have on average 461 friends while my female friends have 369 on average.
There are 7 times more guys in dating sites than women, in the region where I'm living now.
There are 5 times more guys than women in bars and clubs, 5 times more men than women sports events.
Dancing lessons is a little bit the opposite there are 1.2 more women than men participating.
I've been approaching men and women a lot to ask for time, directions, or whatever: I haven't found a single guy who did not show a positive attitude towards my approach.
In the case with women maybe 70% of the times I get a neutral response.

Miscellaneous 2: PUAS claim that women are naturally good at seduction and that if anything happens wrong is the Man fault. FALSE
I've an online profile in a dating site, it took me a lot to create it, have written 1000s of different types of mails to all types of women to try to make a first contact and 5% of them get a response.
I open a profile as a woman to check out my competition and see if I can learn something. Took me 5 minutes to fill it in. Put in there a picture of an average looking friend who lives on the other side of the planet and I'm getting a couple of mails a week from guys with amazing profiles that much more than: "I'm to complicated and I can't summarize myself" which is the PU line that most women are using in dating sites in order to get guys. Getting tons of romantic offers by using that line does not make them good seducers. It just proves that mass media and common believes in western society are able to persuade estrogen into believing that success = independence. But can't do the same against testosterone.

John said...

^^^ Awesome input. It's true, there's so many beliefs that women are better at this and that, but if you just make the effort to find out for yourself you will see that they are not true at all.

Ironically this means that in many facets of life women can get away with doing less than a man but still be considered as being just as good.

PBateman said...

I've just stumbled across your blog. I also looked at your stories from your times trying PUA bs. I find this refreshing. Most guys I know think there is something seriously wrong with a lot of these PUAs and their obsession over what is alpha and what is beta.

There is something seriously wrong with guys nowadays. They aren't men anymore. It isn't just how they look. I found your stories amusing about Toronto and couldn't sympathize more as I found Calgary to be just as messed up (it's gotten worse, it used to be ok before the oil boom).

I now live in London and women are cold here too. Even colder on the surface, but actually nice when you know them. Calgary, they were just complete attention whores. However, I don't care anymore. It isn't that big a deal and I have better things to do with my time than chase after insecure women seeking validation.

Keep it up, you convey your views very well.

Anonymous said...

I think the data simply shows that women, no matter the population of men, are exclusively interested into the top dogs.

Okcupid had an interesting post showing that women rated men's pictures, overwhelmingly considered most men to be below average looking. This simply cannot be the reality.

Another example is that 10 percent of college guys are banging 80 of the women. Face it, girls are choosy.

Lois Rivera said...

I love your blogs...I cant wait to read more. Basically I dated a PUA coach and was hell or grand. Far from normal and smart that is for sure. Since then I have been wanting to help peole and meet people affected by the brainwashing from this community. I am glad you got out and are adapting. Thank you cause it is also helping me heal.

Anonymous said...

Not all women who do not make eye contact have fuck off vibe, some are very shy.

Anonymous said...

To the above comment, most likely from a woman, which just echoes the point that nothing is a woman's responsibility.

I was very shy and an introvert growing up. I put thousands of hours of work into coming out of my shell. Not to mention the nerve-racking scenarios I put myself in trying to just be able to talk to people and the endless rejections I received when trying to talk to girls. This was all very difficult on me both physically and especially emotionally. Now, on most days, I can talk to people and women also.

But you, as a "shy" woman have probably never looked at yourself and said, hey maybe I should try to be more outgoing, etc? Nope, it's mens job to keep putting their ego on the line, and getting it crushed, so women like you can meet men. And you'll probably just reject most of them anyways. Because even a shy woman who can't even talk to men deserves Brad Pitt...just because she exists.